What Is PCOS? Everything You Need to Know


Chances are that if you’re a person with ovaries, you’ve heard about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome; more commonly known as PCOS. Maybe it was from your BFF, who’d gone for a check up only to find that she had cysts on her ovaries, maybe it was in the news—like when Dutch model Romee Strijd shared in a May 28 Instagram post that she’s expecting a baby, two years after she was first diagnosed with PCOS. Or maybe it’s a condition that you personally have been diagnosed with. Regardless, there are likely very few degrees of separation between yourself and PCOS—because it’s a pretty common disorder.

“[PCOS] affects one in 10 reproductive-age girls, women or people with ovaries, and it’s across all ethnicities,” says Dr. Yolanda Kirkham, an OBGYN and adolescent gynaecologist.”So, it’s fairly common.” And, Kirkham says, the numbers are actually…

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