What It’s Like to Donate Your Eggs as A Young Black Woman:


Three years ago, one of my coworkers told me about how her best friend had been donating her eggs to a fertility company for extra cash. My colleague said her pal was compensated about $5,000 each time and I was like, “Are you dumb? Why aren’t we doing this?” But it wasn’t quite that simple.

At the time, I had a steady job in customer service but I was still living precariously with my credit card debt and student loan repayments. In the gig economy, it seemed like a sweet deal, and I was the perfect candidate for egg donation: I was in my early 20s, healthy and willing to do it. 

Since then, I’ve gone through the process five times—the medical testing, the fertility drugs, the early morning cycle-monitoring appointments and the painful daily injections that all culminate in a surgical egg retrieval procedure—and, yes, I might even do it again. But…

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