What Not to Wear to Every Occasion: An Ultimate Guide


When you don’t know what the heck to wear, and you just want loads of options to scroll through, that can be fun and easy — and it can spark hundreds of ideas. But when you get invited to a specific event or a new opportunity pops up on the calendar like, say, a job interview, you probably have a handful of questions racing through your head. What cuts and colors should you steer clear of? Could your chosen outfit come off as inappropriate or even offensive?

Relax, dude. It’s 2020, and dress codes are way more flexible these days as people acknowledge that fashion is a true extension of personality, so you shouldn’t feel too limited. That said, there may be occasions you want to research a bit before stepping out the door and heading on your way. Funerals, jury duty, black tie events or glamorous galas — these all come with (often unspoken) dress codes that it’s important to be…

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