What Nurses Wear to Work


When it comes to style, nurses know this to be true: bravery sometimes takes the form of a cheerful pair of socks. When you’re afforded few aesthetic freedoms at work, flashing a peek of playful style under scrubs can be a small act of defiance. Even in the face of a global pandemic, an alarming lack of protective gear, and overwhelming uncertainty, nurses forge ahead — with rainbow socks and patterned orthotics at the ready.

Of course, the nurses we spoke with said much of what they wear to work is rooted in functionality. Underwear has to feel comfortable nine hours into a 12-hour shift. Sports bras have to be supportive enough to sprint securely up and down long hospital hallways without leaving painful indents on skin. And if you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of a good compression sock . . . just ask a nurse.

Ahead, caregivers from around the country give us the lowdown…

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