What the Inauguration Day Outfits Say About Administration


Image Source: Getty / Jonathan Ernst

On Inauguration Day, my social feeds, real-life conversations, and even cable-news coverage were flooded with talk of the clothes from the ceremony on Jan. 20 — the designers that were worn, the meaning behind every jacket and accessory, and what these choices signified for the new administration. Aside from the few displeased folks who demanded to know why fashion — something they viewed as so trivial — even mattered on such a momentous day, the collective excitement had me wondering: why did we care so much about the inaugural fashions? The way I see it, the reason is twofold; for one, what politicians choose to wear, especially at an event where all eyes are on them, is purposeful and does matter. And two, simply enjoying fashion in the midst of a political moment frankly felt quite refreshing after what felt like four years of constant…

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