What to Consider Before Making a Purchase


Ahh online or in store shopping. Whether you are window shopping or actually shopping for an event, there is always some excitement to be had! AND, over here, we love being the enabler… ha ha ha! BUT, we will never leave you hanging.

As much as we love sharing the latest plus size fashion, we will also give you the best plus size shopping tips! 

BUT. Oftentimes, one can be a little gun shy when it comes to completing the purchase and making it real.

You know this feeling and these thoughts: Should I buy it? How will it fit? Do I need this? 

All sound questions, but for me, I am quite discerning when I do make a purchase and I wanted to share with you what or how I make my decisions… After all, it is all about shopping confidently, right? 


  • Well, I hate having a closet full of items I will never wear
  • Hating only being able to wear it once.
  • Laughing at myself with my ambitions of a…

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