What to Do When You Can’t Sleep: Products That Work


Plus: 8 products that can actually help you K.O.

For 32 years of my life, I was an excellent sleeper. Brag-worthy, even. As a child, a falling tree narrowly missed my bedroom roof during a twister. Didn’t flinch. I once fell asleep in front of a blasting speaker at a party. Pools of drool (my new band name) would form on my desk during class. The term “narcoleptic” was tossed around like a cute badge of honour.

When people would complain about their misadventures in Tossing and Turning Land—including my ex-boyfriend, a lifelong insomniac—I would yawn unsympathetically and retort, “Sorry, can’t relate.” So it’s only fitting that after three decades of being an A-hole, I’m now being tormented by the anti-sleep fairies. To be clear, I do sleep. Just not in long spurts or with a lot of regularity. The formula for my insomnia is pretty…

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