What Working From Home Has Done to My Style


Now, I fully realize that this doesn’t sound like the aesthetic of a fashion editor, but trust me—I only dress like this when working from home (and on my daily Starbucks run). When I’m out in the world, typically, comfort is actually the least of my concerns. I’m much more concerned with having fun with my outfits, which often means something like high-waisted 100% cotton jeans, my latest shoe acquisition, a fun top, and plenty of accessories. It’s pretty much the opposite of my WFH style.

Since I no longer have to bother with choosing an office-appropriate work outfit every day anymore, I feel the need to really step things up when I go out in the world, as opposed to before when I had major outfit-planning fatigue. So you could say that my style has actually improved in many ways where it counts since I started working from home.

I believe that everyone who works from…

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