Where Does The Bachelorette Get Her Dresses?


It’s safe to say that Clare Crawley’s first two gowns on season 16 of The Bachelorette had us itching with some questions. Can we get the designer information puh-lease? Clare’s season of the hit ABC series has everyone buzzing already as drama ensues, and her dresses live up to the excitement we all feel about what’s to come.

As it turns out, both creations are by New York based couture designer Randi Rahm, who has dressed around 15 contestants and even two Bachelorette brides (Ashley Hebert and Rachel Lindsay) for their wedding days. Randi works closely with The Bachelorette stylist Cary Fetman on the collaboration process, but you’re probably wondering whether the women themselves hand select their dresses, or Fetman gets the final say.

“I recall felling so proud and excited as a designer the first time I saw one of my gowns on TV. Who knew it would turn into such a…

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