Where to Buy Affordable Loungewear for Women


When I decided to retreat to my parents’ house out of state a couple of months ago, I packed mostly denim, T-shirts, and sweaters. Jeans, you ask? I know, I know—not the most practical decision I’ve ever made in my life, but here we are. Little did I know I wouldn’t be returning to my New York apartment or closet for months.

Needless to say, I’m officially in the market for anything and everything loungewear. You name it; I probably need it. I’m not necessarily trying to spend a ton of money on an entire new comfy-clothes wardrobe, so I’m thankful to see that there are some seriously cute and seriously affordable options at Walmart right now. I’m not alone on this either. I recently saw producer, host, and fashion-girl Madison Williams share a couple comfy ‘fits she found there, too. Her outfits are inexpensive, yes, but I’m also seriously impressed with how stylish they…

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