Where to Shop the Clothes on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist


Actress Jane Levy is lighting up the small screen starring as Zoey in NBC’s new hit show Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. While we’re really blown away by Zoey’s magical ability to interpret people’s feelings through imagining them in full-fledged song and dance (I mean, that’d be cooler than wearing an invisibility cloak, in our opinion), we’re also smitten by her colorful style. The first season of ZIP isn’t just fun for the songs we’ve been singing along to, which range from classic rock to iconic covers Zoey actually sings herself: it’s inspiring. Zoey’s layered cardigans and floral button-down shirts, cute minidresses, and vibrant outerwear literally make us wonder why we’re wearing black — which is normally the case when we’re sitting down at the TV to enjoy an episode.

Zoey wears high-end labels like Isabel Marant and Marni on the show, but you’ll also…

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