Why brands must learn body positivity is for all the shape and size?


XS- Xtra Small and Extra Extra Excluded. This size was, will never be and has always been sidelined, every time, everywhere. Be it models in the beauty industry or fashion. To top it all the biggest problem is when XXS women can’t find their size. Weren’t there enough size charts to confuse us all?

First, it was divided categorically among the countries, which almost seemed like a tug of war but now it has even sprawled across many other designers. And thanks to a lot of people who have finally made a letter of inclusivity towards XS OR XXXL now, but a lot of it remains deep-rooted in the cause of “trying to fit in”, wherein they have tried to fit just into the social media parameters that a brand today needs to basically have as a necessity.

On one hand brands have campaigns, directing all towards body positivity but on the other hand they are just bothered about an…

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