Why Is Manuka Honey Good for You? The Scoop on the Buzzy Ingredient


I don’t know about you, but this quarantine life has flipped my beauty and style routine upside down. I’ve gone from my usual bright lip and loose waves (a.k.a. actually doing my hair and makeup) to top knots and a bare face every day. And I’m not gonna lie, there have been a couple of skipped showers in there, too (not to mention some frequent wearing of leggings). 

Staying in has upended my beauty routine, with one key exception: my skin. Without doing my makeup daily, I have nothing covering my face which means I’m even more focused on treating my dry patches, occasional zits and overall tired complexion. But online retailers are backlogged with deliveries, and even though some stores are starting to open up, I’m still avoiding popping out to my local Sephora for a new beauty haul in order to continue physical distancing. Instead, when it comes to…

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