Why Is My Ex Sliding Into My DMs During Coronavirus?


Relationship expert Nicole McCance on how to handle an ex trying to get emotionally close during physical distancing

ICYMI, it’s 2020 and the “you up” text from your ex has officially been replaced: In the time of COVID-19, the hottest new booty call is the “hope you’re staying healthy” text. Received one recently? It turns out, you’re not alone. While everyone is taking this time to physically distance, a ton of exes are also taking the time to try to reconnect with former partners.

Not only were Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford and his ex, Rebecca Rittenhouse, recently spotted going for a physically distanced stroll together, but users on Twitter have been detailing their own experiences of exes sliding in to their DMs, popping up on Facebook Messenger, and hovering on their Instagram Lives.

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