Why Signs of Miscarriage Need to Be Talked About Openly


Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of miscarriage and may be triggering, especially for people who have experienced pregnancy loss.

I lay on the exam-room table and braced myself for the next wave of abdominal pain. As each one washed over me, the pain intensified until I had to roll over and throw up into a garbage can. With a toddler at home, I recognized this as labour pain. But I was only 13 weeks into my pregnancy, and it was obvious that I had lost the baby.

The bleeding had started a few days earlier, so lightly that I wasn’t worried at first. We’d already heard the baby’s heartbeat at the ultrasound, and I had an appointment to see my doctor a few days later for a regular prenatal checkup. But the bleeding increased over the weekend, and the cramps started Sunday evening.

By Monday, I was on that exam-room table at my doctor’s office…

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