Why We Must Defund the Police in Canada


BLM Toronto co-founder Sandy Hudson on why defunding the police in Canada is critical to saving Black lives

Dear white people,

I have a singular focus in my appeal to you today, and I need you to hear me. Our lives depend on it. It’s time to defund the police.

I believe that we can do better than the slipshod “safety services” the police claim to provide for us. I know many of you are unfamiliar with the everyday activities of the police. They do not patrol your neighbourhoods under the guise of providing “safety.” They do not stop you on the street under the pretense of “protection.” They do not kill your people with a casual and consistent regularity that announces, Your life is worthless.

When they killed 26-year-old D’Andre Campbell in Brampton, Ont., this year, the police proved to us that they are ill-equipped to provide…

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