Wondering How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles? It’s Time for Neck Skincare


It’s often said that the appearance of the neck is a clear giveaway of a person’s real age, and for good reason: skimping on SPF, poor posture and general neglect of the area which spans the neck, chest and bust—also known as the décolleté—can give way to long-lasting damage that is difficult to reverse without clinical treatments like fillers, radio frequency therapy and laser resurfacing. But can targeted neck products and beauty gadgets make a lasting impact on the quality of our skin—or at least, slow the damage? We spoke to skincare experts to get their take. 

Is neck skin all that different from face skin?

Short answer: yes. “The neck truly has a different anatomy than the face skin,” says Chloe Smith, Scientific Communications and Education Manager for SkinCeuticals. For starters, the skin on your neck is much thinner than the skin on the…

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