Work From Home Outfits: A Week of WFH Fashion


Toronto-based writer and jewellery designer Anna Stainsby dressed for success for one week—here’s what she discovered about herself and her style

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that working from home is a recipe for sartorial sloth. I wish I could say otherwise. I could pretend that the glamour of my current status as a writer/jewellery designer/graduate student translates seamlessly into colourful and exciting outfits—but it doesn’t. In truth, my work-from-home fashion leaves *a lot* to be desired. Unless I have meetings, customers to see or classes to attend, my style is what I’d describe as “comfy”—which is really just a cute way of saying that I live in sweatsuits. 

That’s not to say I don’t like dressing up—I do! But part of the fun of dressing up is experiencing the world and everything that goes along with it….

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