Work Hard and Play Hard With the New Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+


Whether you’re getting things done or just winding down, this tablet’s got you

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ and Book Cover Keyboard1

Created for  Samsung

It’s one of the strange paradoxes of 2020: In a year when we’ve had to socialize less, travel less and be out less, it often feels like we’re busier than ever. You might work longer hours (even if you are WFH), or find that juggling school via video is weirdly more time consuming than your commute to campus used to be. Heck, maybe you even found online stardom in lockdown and now you’re spending all your time making Reels!

Whatever it is that’s been keeping you busy, carving out some time to unwind and relax (however that looks for you) has never been more important, especially as this unusual holiday season approaches. If you can, give yourself the gift of some “me” time, and discover how the…

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