Your April Plus Size Style Horoscope


There is a good chance that we are all going to continue our quarantine lifestyle through all of April. Why not feature the comfiest clothes I can find across the internet paired with your Astro sign for this month’s Style & Scopes? Yes, your April horoscope, but with a style focus… 

If you’re one of the fabulous essential workers that are keeping society afloat during this time- first of all THANK YOU.

Second of all, you deserve, out of everyone to come home and put in the most luxurious and comfortable clothing that money can buy.

We have got a long road ahead of us, but together we can persevere and get back to our day to day lives. 

Your April Plus Size Style Horoscope

Aries (March 21-April 19) 

Oh, Ram, I know you are disappointed your birthday has been ruined by social distancing.

But, that hasn’t stopped you from posting your at-home work out videos all over social…

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